About Us

About Us

Since our foundation in 2008 DeYuCo has helped thousands of customers worldwide.


  • We offer online business courses with eight modules as well as live and interactive two-hour webinars.
  • Open online workshops are conducted at specified times with expert trainers, interactive peer-to-peer and best-practice exchange. The main advantage is the exchange with other business professionals to gain valuable tips and tricks for your daily business life.
  • Inhouse online business workshops can be conducted anytime, tailored to your needs and wishes. You can mix and match topics from any of our training or consultation offers. Use our expert-on-demand service to help you with complex or complicated business issues !
  • If you prefer other languages than English or German, kindly contact us for further possibilities.


Use our ready-to-use business tools and solutions to save time and effort as well as improve the quality of your work !


You need ready-to-use slides and tools for your workshop, training, coaching or virtual meeting? Use our train-the-trainer and train-the-moderator service to short-cut your efforts !