DeYuCo Academy Online Business Course Agile Project Management Best Practice with 8 modules

DeYuCo Academy Online Business Course Agile Project Management Best Practice

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Agile Project Management Best Practice

How to make SCRUM work in business reality

  • The theory of SCRUM and agile project management is excellent, however it often does not work properly in reality due to a number of reasons.
  • In our workshop Agile Project Management Best Practice we go beyond SCRUM theory and teach you how to overcome common hurdles in business reality and accomplish agile project goals in quality, time and budget.

More than 60% of all projects are not finished according to their original plan, therefore agile project management tools are being used more and more with the hope that they are better to achieve the required results.

However, traditional management cannot just simply be substituted with agile management. We teach you what you need to consider and what really works in agile project management reality.

Your benefits:

The focus of our interactive online business workshop is the best practice exchange with our expert trainer and other participants from various industries. Learn from the mistakes others already did, and also see how others solved or by-passed business problems. Short-cut your efforts with our included ready-to-use business templates!

  • The main objective of the training is learning how to efficiently manage agile projects and overcoming common business challenges.
  • The focus is on real-life, pragmatic support for difficult situations including setting up agile projects, defining roles and responsibilities fitting to existing organizations, managing agile events and reporting to stakeholders.
  • We promise you that you will learn to understand customer requirements in an effective way and to prioritize the product and sprint backlogs accordingly.
  • What really should be the roles, responsibilities and limitations of product owners, scrum masters, development team and stakeholders? How do you combine those roles with existing roles ?
  • We show you best case examples of the definition of done, the definition of ready and the definition of how to demo and other necessary definitions in agile projects.
  • The seminar is ideal for professionals and managers who already have experience with agile project management and want to learn more tips and tricks how to accomplish agile projects successfully in business reality.
  • tips and tricks how to accomplish agile projects successfully in business reality. We recommend our “Agile Project Management Essentials“-Workshop before joining this workshop.
  • Included is an Excel template “Agile Project Management Setup – Advanced” with all definitions and tools to setup and steer agile projects in business reality.



Module 1: Agile Mindset

  • Requirements for implementing agile mindset in companies
  • Agile values and principles in business reality
  • Agile mindset: common misunderstandings

Module 2: The Agile Project Setup

  • The missing Sprint Zero
  • Conventional and virtual tools
  • War room with the backlogs and other preparation tools

Module 3: Agile Role Definitions

  • Product Owner, SCRUM Master, Development-Team and stakeholder role understanding
  • Table for tasks, responsibilities and accountabilities for events and artifacts
  • Who is dealing with HR issues such as escalation, non-performance, bonus and salary?

Module 4: Agile Roles in Business Reality

  • Detailed rights matrix: who is allowed to do what and when in agile projects ?
  • Issues when transforming a traditional organization to an agile one
  • Translation table for current and agile / hybrid organizations

Module 5: The Agile Backlogs

  • 8W to setup an agile project in one day including project goals, project pitch and project features
  • Tools for product backlog creation, prioritization and estimation
  • The importance of an impediment backlog

Module 6: Definitions of Ready & Done & How to Demo & How to Test

  • Keeping the sprint backlog clean and workable with a definition of ready
  • Establishing a working quality system with a company wide definition of done and how to test
  • Using the definition of how to demo to show intermediate results

Module 7: Kick-off, Sprint Planning and Sprint Daily

  • Finish Sprint Zero with a kick-off meeting
  • How to achieve 15 minute daily's?
  • Sprint planning with agile fixed price calculation

Module 8: The Sprint Review and the Sprint Retrospective

  • Dealing with deviations, performance issues and other obstacles in the review
  • Working tools and interactions for good retrospectives
  • The global impediment backlog as master tool for the last retrospective

Included is an Excel template “Agile Project Management Setup – Advanced” with all definitions and tools to setup and steer agile projects in business reality.

Each module will take about 45 minutes with sufficient time for any of your questions!


Workshops Offered

1. Open Online Business Workshops

999 Euro* per participant, anybody can register, max. 10 participants


Part 1 (3,5 hours)

Part 2 (3,5 hours)

Modules 1 + 2

90 minutes

Modules 5 + 6

90 minutes

Coffee Break

30 minutes

Coffee Break

30 minutes

Modules 3 + 4

90 minutes

Modules 7 + 8

90 minutes



Part 1

Part 2

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May 12, 2020


May 13, 2020



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Jan. 18, 2021


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2021-W8-2 EN

Mar. 11, 2021


Mar. 12, 2021


2021-W8-3 DE

May 6, 2021


May 7, 2021



All times are CET = Central European Time (UTC+1), EN = Workshop in English, DE = Workshop in German


2. Inhouse Online Business Workshops

  • Any time worldwide, you select the day and time, for up to 10 participants.
  • Choose between one-day or multiple-day formats and schedule the modules anyway you prefer.
  • Tailored to your needs, you can mix and match training or consultation topics as you desire.
  • We offer our workshops in English and German. If you require different languages kindly contact us!
  • You need an expert-on-demand to help you with a difficult business issue ? In our tailored inhouse online business workshops we can help you to identify, analyze and solve complex or complicated business topics !
  • Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs !


    *All prices are excluding appl. taxes e.g. VAT / MwSt. Early bird discount of 10% until 6 weeks before scheduled date. 10% discount for additional participants from the same company. Advance payment is required for participation in our workshops.


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